Batman and Superman: The Greatest Bromance In Comic Books?


We all know DC Comics two most popular superheroes of all time are Batman and Superman also known as The Caped Crusader and The Man of Steel.  Browsing Google+ in their comics community, I came across a photo of Batman and Superman from a comic along with the caption #1 Bromance.  I thought it was pretty funny but then I really thought about it and came to the conclusion that hey maybe it’s true, this is the #1 Bromance of all time in comics.  Before I dive right into things I wanted to compare and contrast the two characters to support this theory that I have thought about, along with numerous people.

character_bio_576_supermanFirst up is Superman, who was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1933 and became a comic book superhero in DC Comics’ Action Comics #1 in 1938.  Superman also known as Kal-El, was born on the alien planet Krypton.  He is sent to Earth for safety as an infant by his parents Jor-El and Lara moments before their planet explodes.  Kal-El’s spacecraft lands on farm in Kansas and is adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent who name him Clark Kent.  As he grows up Clark discovers his superhuman powers vowing to use them for good and must keep his powers a secret to protect family and friends.  He wears glasses and takes a job as a reporter at the Daily Planet in Metropolis to appear as a normal person, and creates his alter ego Superman who protects mankind from evil.

imagesBatman, created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger in 1939, made his first appearance in DC Comics #27.  Bruce Wayne, Batman’s true identity grew up in an upper class family in Gotham City and witnesses the murder of his parents.  He vows to seek justice for his parents and swore revenge on criminals.  Bruce is a wealthy business owner of Wayne Enterprises but the company is ran by his business owner Lucius Fox.

Both characters have lost their biological parents and are raised by either an adoptive family or by a father figure-Alfred Pennyworth.  They must keep their alter egos a secret to not only protect themselves but everyone around them.  They work hard at protecting their cities from evil villains and natural disasters.  Both characters have weaknesses-Superman has kryptonite that can kill him while Batman’s weaknesses are similar to any other person.  Some of the differences are Superman has powers while Batman must use gadgets and weapons made by himself.  More obvious Superman can fly and Batman uses his Batplane.  Batman and Superman both wear suits with capes, however batman wears a mask while Superman does not; he is unrecognizable to citizens just by taking off his glasses and styling his hair differently.

Retrojunk had an article on the author’s hopes that DC Comics would come out with a movie starring both characters.  But what I found interesting was the first appearance of the superheroes was in an episode of The Adventures of Superman on the radio.  In print they appear in World’s Finest Comics working side by side.  An article on IGN discusses how the two heroes use their different approaches to fighting crime allows them to work together. Batman strikes fear into the hearts of criminals while Superman uses his powers to assist civilization.  I think having two different styles of fighting can be beneficial if you’re working with someone else.  The advantage would be scarring the villains into confessing to a crime they committed but at the same time having someone try to reason with you.  Like good cop bad cop.  If they stick together they can make their comic world a safer place.the-greatest-supermanbatman-stories-20090921031046646-000

In order to find the best evidence of their Bromance would have to be from the T.V. show the Justice League or if they did crossover episodes for Superman and Batman (I can’t remember).  I do not think there’s anything wrong with their Bromance is especially when you and your friend are able to balance each other out, we always need that one person in our lives who is the opposite of us.  They are the ones who can keep you sane.  Batman and Superman defiantly do.  You can also get out this article from IGN that has a list of the “Greatest Superman/Batman Team-Ups” comics.


Is this really the greatest Bromance in comic books?

I just thought this was funny:tumblr_lnxhuoz5ps1qisbbvo1_500