Am I just too desperate for there to be drama?

Watchmen: Jon's Dad's DeathOk, so when I read this panel from chapter 4, on the top left-hand side of page 19 of Alan Moore’s Watchmen, I totally thought it looked like Jon’s dad was murdered by Janey. And I get that it’s a stretch, but look at Jon’s dad. he looks like he’s put up a fight or something. Flowers have been knocked down on the right, broken liquid on the left… maybe he had a seizure, or maybe I’m just desperate to see complexities in all literature, but it certainly looked sketchy to me.

Also, notice the shadow in the doorway. In class, when I brought this up, classmates said it was just the nurse sporting a popular hairstyle, but it would seem to me that if you were writing about an angry breakup (like, really really angry), you wouldn’t give your nurse the same hairstyle as the very angry girlfriend. Also, it makes sense to me that Janey would be mad at the man who pushed Jon into becoming a Atomic Physicist, especially since she was interested in his past, as shown in his attention to fixing her watch.  Also, looking at page 18, Janey’s hands are raised in defense against Dr. Manhattan, her thumb pointing towards the frame with Jon’s Dad on the opposite side of the spine..

I don’t know, that’s why I’m writing this post: I want your opinion! Murder? Coincidence? Does it even matter?

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  1. February 18, 2013 at 1:45 pm

    While I don’t want to come across as a killjoy or a know-it-all, I kind of feel like I need to point out a few things regarding this chapter. First of all, on the panel on page 18, Janey isn’t raising her arms in self-defense, she’s just removing the earrings Jon got her. I know it looks weird, but she’s probably removing them that way as a result of their shape. I will admit, though, that little detail about the thumbs pointing to Jon’s dad is kind of interesting.

    As for Janey murdering Jon’s dad in the hospital (or otherwise causing him harm), I think it’s pretty unlikely. While I can understand her wanting to hurt Jon, Janey probably knew that killing his dad wouldn’t really phase him. She was aware at how detached Jon had become from society, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she knew Jon had never told his father he hadn’t been incinerated. If Janey wanted to go after anybody, I feel like it would’ve been Laurie. Envy probably would’ve registered with Janey stronger than blind wrath.

    Also, Dr. Manhattan isn’t a guy to be messed with. Notice that no matter how mad Janey got, she never got violent. I mean, who hits a guy that can make people’s heads explode, see the future, and become a giant at will? Even if Janey was that mad at him (and no doubt she was), she probably knew that revenge was suicidal.

    Again, I’m not trying to say “no, it didn’t happen,” I just think Alan Moore would’ve tried to make it more obvious or important if Janey had murdered Jon’s father. There are little details everywhere, like thin threads in a Cthulian ball of yarn. But like I said, that thing about the thumbs was good. Keep track of that stuff.

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