Dragonborn vs Super Hero

Skyrim has become one of the largest RPGs around. Although it has already been out for over a year, it is still played among most gamers. With all it’s features, different ways to play, and its three DLCs, it is hard to put this game down. Aside from the main quest (I’ll get back to this soon, as this is going to be the main point of conversation), there are other optional, yet recommended, quests to do. Quests like the Thieves Guild, Whiterun College, and, my personal favorite, The Dark Brotherhood. Skyrim has many different options for you characters, like race (my character is a Wood Elf), appearance, and as you level up, you can attain perks in different fields, like armor, archery, magic, restoration, and weaponry skill just to name a few.


Now, the main quest is all about your character being a Dragonborn. You find this out towards the beginning shortly after you defeat your first dragon (fighting dragons is exciting!) and you absorb its soul. You sent to the Greybeards where you find out information about what you have become and what you can do with that power. You learn special magic skills called Shouts, which is spoken in the dragon language. Throughout the main quest you still make your own decisions, like whether or not to go against the Greybeards, or support them.


As a Dragonborn it is your goal to save Skyrim and defeat Alduin, a dragon who has come back from the past, with the use of the Elder Scrolls and a shout called Dragonrend. Alduin is know as “The World Eater”, without you the world would end because you are the only one capable of defeating him.

Is it just me, or does this kind of story set up sound familiar?alduin


Spider-Man was bitten by a radioactive spider, and uses his power to save New York from his multiple nemesis (The Green Lantern, Sandman, Venom, etc). Batman has undergone training to protect Gotham from his arch nemesis, The Joker. Super Man is more like a Dragonborn, since he is born with his super powers, leaving it up to him to protect the Earth.

Dragonborns and super heroes are either born with or attain their powers. They both have the option of using those powers for the greater good. It is interesting to see a video game like Skyrim that can be put into perspective of a regular comic super hero, the only difference is you get to choose how to use those powers, not the artist.




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  1. Steve
    February 7, 2013 at 8:28 pm

    I like this idea and I wish you would have done even more exploration on it, but I’m not sure your your last remark “the only difference is you get to choose how to use those powers, not the artist” really makes sense. From a literal standpoint, sure; obviously readers can’t interact with the superheroes in comic books, but that’s a medium-based restriction, not something that is variable. Various video games stage characters with different superpowers that can be interacted with in ways that comic book heroes can’t. But, again, this just a fact of restriction, not really unique of Skyrim itself. I think there is some interesting commentary to be had in terms of staging the Dragonborn as a traditional hero though, and I wish you would have gone a little more in depth with what makes a superhero and analyze how well Skyrim’s hero fits into those constraints.

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