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Memory and Representation in Maus

When we remember things, we aren’t aware of how much are representations of the past can be altered by time and the discourses surrounding us. Art Spiegelman’s Maus deals with autobiographical recollections of the past. Specifically, Art Spiegelman’s father Vladek provides a narrative about his hardships in Auschwitz. Art presents Vladek’s memories by remembering what his father told him about… Read more →

Is it real? Or is it a disillusion?

For my reflection this week, I want to expand on the idea of memory, specifically  illusion versus disillusionment. We have talked about this in class and a few have mentioned it in the blog but I would like to extend the conversation based on our reading for the week: Lynda Barry, What It Is. One of the main quotes that… Read more →

The Complexity of What It Is

When I first started reading Lynda Barry’s “What It Is”, I was confused. It was so different to the other books we have read in class and it felt like a scrapbook with no solid point. After reading through it, one theme stuck out to me. Throughout the novel, Lynda Barry asks questions that focus on perspective and images. We… Read more →