Author: cmccrzy

Comic Memes, Minicomics, and Where the Line Between Comic and “Non-Comic” is Drawn

So: comic memes, character memes, and minicomics; are they REALLY comics? While these appear to many people as comics, their existence and addition to the comic genre brings up questions about whether they actually fit into the comic genre and why that is, and what makes a comic a comic. I am including minicomics here because, unlike most doujinishi and… Read more →

Original Character Tournament: “The Avengers” of Webcomics

deviantART [dee·vee·un‘nt·ART] The world’s largest online art community Proudly showing 246 million pieces of art from over 25 million registered artists and art appreciators Deviously serving the art and skin community for 4,562 days So, this is deviantart. You can find tons of amazing artists there, and even communicate with them through chat and email. You can also discover numerous… Read more →

The Flash Comic: “Expanding” the Definition

Flash? Comics? What are you talking about, a VIDEO GAME? (Or Electronic Literature?) I am going to use two stories I found on deviantART, both of which have “traditional” comic-strip companions for prologue and epilogue portions of their work. This is related to tiredandvulgar’s post on [The Rise of the Webcomic] and my last post on [OCTs]. I’ll also briefly… Read more →