Writing a Reflection on Writing a Comic

When given the task of making a Web Comic was not only terrifying for the fact that we had to create something, but that we had to create something with a group a people. Thankfully, my like what Carly said, we were able to come together and figure out what we wanted to write about at the last second. Even though we had an idea of the story line, we have been playing it from edition to edition what we are going to say.

Now I took on the role as the writer of the group. Now, let me tell you, this job is not easy. I bring Carly’s artwork to life through words. Every week, she brings me the latest page of the comic and I run ideas by here to make sure we are on the same page of what is happening on the page (get it, this sentence has a pun…. I’m hilarious don’t deny it). I do not know what she is drawing for the page until she gives me the finished copy, not a typical thing to do, but it works. It is able to leave a little bit of excitement for her when she gets to see the final product on the page.

When Carly leaves me the pages, is when I write. Some panels I know immediately what I want to write, other panels, I sit and sit and sit and sit, sometimes move onto other things, because I have no idea what to write. When I finally do know what to write though, I go write it down on a piece of paper, I never go straight to my computer when I write. I feel like if I physically write it down, I can sit there and erase, cross out, and move things around easier, that if I typed it. Also, if anything goes wrong with the flashdrive, David can refer to it when publishing the page. Our group is very big on physical copies of our work just in case something goes wrong.

I really don’t know how some comics can write comics day to day. I have a hard time just doing it from Sunday to Thursday to Sunday! I found out that it is much harder than I originally thought. If I have learned anything, it’s that I have a bigger appreciation for comic writers and artists because their jobs are much harder than it looks.