The Survival of Comics

No one can tell the future. People can attempt to alter their future, they can guess at what the future will hold, but no one can say without a doubt what the future will hold. However, by analyzing trends and using math, a person could have a pretty good idea on what the outcome will be for things like certain animals, diseases, populations, and even objects such as comic books.

According to the website in the year 2003 the overall North American dollar sales of Diamond Comic’s was 310.6 million. There has been a fairly steady increase in the popularity of comics since then and the sales have shown it.


Using the data shown in the graph and the logarithmic equation ŷ = b0 + b1 ln(x) someone could attempt to hypothesizes that in the year 2017, the sales of Diamond Comic’s will continue to rise and amount to 575.43 million. A person can base this prediction under the assumption that Diamond Comic’s comics continue to follow the trend from the past twelve years and on the fact that the logarithmic function’s R2 value (which is the statistical measurement of how closely the data correlates with the line of fit) is 87.03% accurate.

The equation doesn’t only work for the year 2017. Any year value could be placed in the “x” spot however the farther out a person attempts to predict the less accurate the equation will be. Still, even by simply eyeballing the progression of data that the popularity of comics seem to be following, one can safely assume (provided no life changing, Earth shattering, apocalyptic creating monstrosity happens)   that comics will continue to raise in popularity over the next several years and will be remaining around for a long time.