Disassembly in Alias #2

Alias #2 Page
Alias #2 Page

Within this original page of Alias #2, written by Brian Michael Bendis, drawn by Michael Gaydos, and produced by Marvel Comics, the central character, Jessica Jones, is panicking in reaction to something she has just seen, and accidently caught on tape. What she believes she was setup to have caught on tape is Captain America, without his identity hidden. Through this page, Jessica’s panicked reaction is allowed to come through, and she is seen to take a rather paranoid approach to it, as she frantically thinks through her options, and develops a fear of what might happen to her based on what she does with the tape. While the page is technically made up of five panels, they are all part of a single image, covered throughout by text boxes with her rapid thoughts. The character herself is drawn as though she is uncertain and uncomfortable, in a baggy top, and with her hand near her mouth to suggest she is chewing nervously on her fingernails.

The original page, of course, is still limited to what is considered to be acceptable in comic books, and especially in those published by mainstream companies like Marvel. As such,

Disassembly of Alias #2 Page
Disassembly of Alias #2 Page

in my disassembly, I decided to see what I could do to amplify the general feeling of panic and paranoia of the page tenfold. In order to do this, I used Gimp to first distort the page by making it seamless, which faded parts of the image in and out and allowed for repetition and spacing out of certain areas of the image. With this, the image was able to represent the same chaos that the reader is meant to believe is in Jessica’s mind, making it difficult to make sense of things, just as she is having difficulty making sense of things within the story taking place. Next, the colors of the page were replaced with variations of a purple tint. This too reflects Jessica’s mind, as a major component of the overall story involves the color purple, and the way that color has affected her and been involved in events that resulted in trauma and other problems within her mind. Finally, certain phrases and thoughts from the text boxes were amplified, re-shaped, and placed so as to better represent their importance in the character’s thought process, as well as just how much they were likely affecting her physically in the time at which she thought them. Overall, the disassembly serves to amplify the feelings of chaos, paranoia, panic, and nervousness in the reader, so as to better reflect the same feelings the character, Jessica, is feeling within the page.

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  1. DrKennethNoiseWater
    September 23, 2015 at 8:28 am

    I really loved what you did with this assignment. Truly exceptional work. Even though I am not familiar with this comic story line, you took this character’s panic and anxiety and magnified it by a thousand. I love this work not only because it is simply visual cool, but I get an uneasy feeling myself. Well done.

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