The Wolverine: The Power of Advertising

As I’m sure some of you have noticed, there is yet another Wolverine movie coming to a theater near you.  The reason you may have noticed is because The Wolverine‘s advertising campaign has been aggressively innovative in the way this movie reaches its viewers.  Before the official trailer came out, motion advertisements popped up in Tokyo and New York’s Time Square. (See below.)

These new motion comics add a new element to a franchise that’s been plagued with a few flops (see X-Men: Origins).  Whoever runs this campaign seems to genuinely understand that the audiences The Wolverine will reach will most likely blog about the movie before and after they’ve seen the film.  The film’s US site links to an incredibly active Twitter feed, with retweets from the film’s stars and it’s critics.  The Facebook page already has over 640,000 likes and the international site allows users to create custom Timeline photos.

Better than your shirtless selfies.
Better than your shirtless selfies.

If nothing else, this advertising campaign has sparked my interest.  The content of the movie looks very true to form, and not as promising as I had hoped.  Personal feelings aside, the ad campaign for this movie is very current and makes the most of what the Internet has given them.  I’ll post the trailer below so that you can form your own opinions.

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